Is an Uncontested Divorce the Right Path for You?

Most people know that they don’t want to drag out their divorce or continue to deal with the relationship issues they’re facing indefinitely. They know that they want to do what is fair and get out of their marriage with the assets that they deserve.

The majority of divorcing spouses are willing to sit down and talk, at least about most issues, without a breakdown in communication. Some can settle their disputes outside of court. Some may need mediation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution support. Others will end up having to go to trial for a judge to settle.

Save time and money with an uncontested divorce

If you’re interested in saving the most time and money, then an uncontested divorce may be the right choice for you. If you and your spouse do agree on the majority of the terms of your divorce, then you don’t necessarily need to take your case to trial, or at least not every aspect of it.

Instead, you may want to negotiate with the support of an attorney through a collaborative divorce. Divorce mediation or arbitration can also assist you in resolving disputes that are holding you back from completing your divorce. Each of these options has the goal of keeping you out of the courtroom and helping you reasonably resolve issues that you’re dealing with.

Whenever possible, it’s important to try to avoid having a judge make decisions on your case, especially when working collaboratively could help you save time and money. This may be the end of a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be contentious. You can work together to resolve it and move forward with both of your lives in a positive manner.