San Antonio High Conflict Divorce Lawyers

San Antonio High-Conflict Divorce Lawyers

Skilled representation when spouses cannot agree on family law issues

Even the simplest divorces can involve a lot of emotion because they feel like an admission that a marriage failed. In many divorces, both spouses recognize that it is time to move forward and that it is best to resolve any disputes amicably, efficiently, and quickly. Some San Antonio divorces, however, can be quite contentious.

At Grable Grimshaw PLLC, our San Antonio divorce lawyers understand the unique challenges involved with high-conflict divorces. We understand both the legal issues and the practical issues that help balance your right to the strongest resolution possible with the need to move forward with your life and the lives of your children. We calmly and clearly explain your rights and options and the best ways to respond to a spouse who argues about everything. Some high-conflict divorces are resolved through negotiation, mediation, and the collaborative divorce process. When there’s no hope for a settlement and it feels like your spouse is just impossible, we will aggressively argue your rights before a family law judge.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The unfortunate circumstances of a divorce caused me to hire a lawyer but hiring Matt Grimshaw as my attorney opened my eyes to know there are still good people in this world. Mr. Grimshaw was transparent, humble, and compassionate. He demonstrates the compassion to serve others is in his patience and kindness. He is an expert in family law. He took the time and never made me feel rushed or left me feeling uninformed." – Rita P.

"Mr. Mora is amazing! I’ve worked with him twice now and I’ve had nothing less than excellent and professional service! I was going through a very stressful and crazy litigation with my ex-husband and every curveball was thrown but without Mr. Mora and is amazing paralegal Amanda helping me to remain calm and strong to the very end, I really don’t know how things would have turned out! If you are someone who is looking for an attorney who acts with integrity, morals and is extremely thorough and has a great reputation then I highly recommend Mr. Mora. My children and I thank you again." – Morgan W.

What are the signs of high-conflict divorce?

Divorce conflicts are often due to personal or financial difficulties. Personally, many spouses see divorce as a way to exact some measure of revenge for the end of the marriage or to assign blame for the failure of the marriage. A spouse may find it especially difficult to admit a marriage has ended, especially if one of the spouses has a new relationship. Financially, some spouses fight over every dollar and every asset.

According to Survive Divorce, some of the signs of a high-conflict divorce are:

  • The need to blame others
  • Verbal, physical, financial, and legal attacks
  • A refusal to negotiate
  • Refusing to acknowledge the marriage is over and that a spouse needs to move forward

Mental health challenges and substance abuse problems can increase the need for conflict in the spouse who has these difficulties.

How can your San Antonio divorce lawyers help?

There are specific legal ways to respond to spouses who are threatening your safety, the safety of your children, or the safety of anyone in your family. Our San Antonio high-conflict lawyers are ready to file protective orders if your spouse is being physically abusive, threatening violence, stalking you, engaging in psychological abuse, or committing other unconscionable conduct.

A protective order generally requires that your spouse stay away from you and/or your children. The order can also require that a spouse not have a gun (even if they have a license).

If your spouse is depleting assets such as by emptying your bank accounts, we can file petitions with the court to cease depleting assets and to fully account for any assets that were taken.

We will also argue that any type of abuse or depletion of assets is considered a factor when the property is divided and the custody issues are litigated.

What financial issues contribute to high-conflict divorces?

Many divorce disputes involve your financial security and the financial security of your children. Marital property is divided based on Texas’ community property laws. Child support is calculated based on the income of each parent, how many children each parent is supporting, the custody order, and whether alimony is being paid. A spouse may also be ordered to pay spousal maintenance (alimony).

We discuss many of the issues involved with high-asset divorces elsewhere. Still, it is helpful to understand the many signs that indicate that the finances of each spouse will be contested. These signs include:

  • A spouse is trying to claim that his/her income is less than it is.
  • A spouse is trying to place a low value on any of the marital assets.
  • A spouse is trying to hide assets.
  • A spouse is trying to deny a business is profitable.

Some of the methods we use to determine what assets and income your spouse has, and their true value, are:

  • Working with financial appraisers skilled in evaluating each type of asset – especially homes, businesses, and retirement accounts
  • Reviewing all your spouse’s financial information, such as income tax returns and profit and loss statements
  • Asking for verification of any marital debts
  • Working with an investigator to examine assets that we think are being hidden or devalued
  • Examining your spouse’s lifestyle if it doesn’t match his/her financial claims
  • Meticulously reviewing each possible asset and each source of income

We are ready to request court approval for formal reviews of your spouse’s assets and income when necessary.

Our lawyers also seek temporary spousal maintenance if a spouse is trying to use his/her economic advantage to pressure you into a settlement.

How do I protect my children in a high-conflict divorce?

Divorce is traumatic enough for children even when both parents can readily agree on the conservatorship arrangements and a child custody plan. Divorce is harder on children when they see and hear their parents fighting about the family home, marital assets, and other financial issues. Divorce is extremely difficult when the disputes directly involve custody and support of the children. The worst situation is when children are forced to testify in favor of one parent and against another parent.

Our lawyers are skilled at understanding which factors determine which parents should have custody including where the child will live and sleep every day of the year and the visitation rights of the parents.  We are also skilled at protecting your children in different ways such as:

  • Requesting protective orders
  • Requesting that visitation (if there is a history of violence or abuse) take place at supervised visitation centers
  • Requesting child psychological counseling
  • Explaining when judges may question children in the judge’s chambers
  • Explaining when a child can give his/her own thoughts or opinions on child custody issues
  • Reviewing the different types of custody and visitation arrangements, depending on the age of your child, how far away your spouse lives, the educational and social needs of your children, and many other child-related issues

Our lawyers also work aggressively to ensure your children receive the proper amount of child support. We file legal actions to enforce the payment of child support when the parent required to pay child support is in arrears.

How can I manage a high-conflict divorce?

Our lawyers explain your rights during a divorce so that you can cope with the stresses of a divorce, understand what actions might affect your divorce rights, and help you enjoy the next phase of your life when the divorce is final.

Survive Divorce recommends that spouses:

  • Avoid taking any of your spouse’s anger personally
  • Consider closing communication lines if your spouse is abusive
  • Refuse to be bullied, intimidated, pressured, or played
  • Recognize when your spouse is being destructive, such as litigating issues that should clearly be settled
  • Do not use your children as messengers for any anger
  • Understand when to seek counseling
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of social media
  • Focus on protecting yourself by leaving the past behind and giving yourself time
San Antonio High Conflict Divorce lawyer

Are there ways to resolve high-conflict divorces in San Antonio?

Even high-conflict divorces can often be resolved by using alternative dispute methods, provided your spouse has some willingness to resolve the disputes. If your spouse refuses to cooperate on any issue, then our San Antonio high-conflict lawyers are ready to try your divorce issues before a family law judge. We’ll prepare you beforehand. We may have additional witnesses testify if necessary, including family members and expert witnesses.

Many times, spouses will consider resolving disputes after they realize that you’re not only not going to concede any points, but that you will demand everything that you and your children deserve. We also often force contentious spouses to consider dispute resolution when they see that hiding assets will be challenged, low-balling the value of assets and income will be contested, and we are ready to confront their delay tactics.

Alternate dispute methods include mediation and collaborative divorce. In mediation, the spouses and lawyers work with an experienced negotiator who tries to help forge a settlement. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses and lawyers work directly with financial appraisers, brokers, child psychologists, and others to help settle the disputed issues.

Do you have a high-conflict divorce lawyer near me?

At Grable Grimshaw, PLLC, our San Antonia high-conflict lawyers meet clients at our office located at 1603 Babcock Rd Suite 280. We also conduct video conferences by appointment.

We’ll guide you confidently through each phase of the divorce dispute process. Many disputes are ultimately settled when you assert your rights. If your spouse won’t settle, we are always ready to argue your rights before a judge.

Speak with an experienced San Antonio high-conflict lawyer today

You have legal rights. You have the right to fully assert those rights in court. At Grable Grimshaw PLLC, we understand when spouses are willing to resolve disputes and when they’re going to fight you every step of the way. We understand when to file protective orders, motions for sanctions, and motions for court hearings. We also understand what factors help even contentious spouses realize reducing conflicts leads to better solutions. To discuss your family law rights with a San Antonio high-conflict divorce lawyer, call our office in San Antonio or fill out our contact form today to schedule a consultation.