San Antonio Family Law Attorneys

San Antonio Family Law Attorneys

Dedicated legal representation for divorce and family law matters in San Antonio, Texas

At Grable Grimshaw PLLC, our attorneys can guide you through divorce and other difficult family law matters in San Antonio. We understand that these issues can be stressful, but our team will closely work with you to explain Texas law, your rights and your options. Our job is to take the complicated legal matters off your plate while you work on planning your future.

We have extensive experience with cases involving divorce, child custody, child support and adoption. Each family has unique needs, and we work closely with you to determine the right solution for all family members. Depending on your case, we are prepared to represent you in court, mediation, arbitration or negotiating a favorable settlement. We adjust our approach to effectively secure the best outcome at the lowest cost to you. Talk to our San Antonio family lawyers today.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The unfortunate circumstances of a divorce caused me to hire a lawyer but hiring Matt Grimshaw as my attorney opened my eyes to know there are still good people in this world. Mr. Grimshaw was transparent, humble, and compassionate. He demonstrates the compassion to serve others is in his patience and kindness. He is an expert in family law. He took the time and never made me feel rushed or left me feeling uninformed." – Rita P.

"Brandon Grable and his team are highly professional, and delivered the results I was looking for. Further, they put the client interest first evidenced by the way they communicated with me, and the way they handled the fees. I recommend Grable Grimshaw and will seek them again for my future legal needs." – Phil K.

What types of family law cases does your firm handle?

As a full-service family law firm, we handle a wide variety of cases for our clients. These include:

  • Adoption. The adoption of a child should be one of the most joyous occasions of your family’s life. Our attorneys work hard to lessen the stress and anxiety of this complex process, protect your rights throughout, and keep you updated of any and all developments.
  • Child custody. In some cases, you and your ex-spouse may be able to work out a parenting plan on your own. When that’s not possible, our San Antonio attorneys can help negotiate and draft a child custody plan that both fits your child’s needs and works for everyone.
  • Child support. Whether you’re establishing child support for the first time or need to enforce a current order, child support can be complicated. Ensure your child’s rights are protected according to Texas guidelines. We can help evaluate your case.
  • Divorce. No divorce is easy, even an amicable one. When you and your spouse must settle issues like property division, alimony, child custody, and child support, things can get complicated quickly. Look to our attorneys for qualified, strategic assistance.
  • Divorce mediation. Often a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional divorce, mediation takes divorce out of the courtroom. Each party and their attorneys meet with a neutral mediator, who encourages them to come to mutual agreement on their divorce disputes. Grable Grimshaw can help you determine if mediation is a good fit for you.
  • Military divorce. We understand the unique challenges faced by our servicepeople. Although the divorce process is the same, issues like deployment, child custody, and retirement benefits can make even a seemingly simple divorce complicated. We can help ensure your documents are filed on time and the process goes smoothly.
  • Property division. Because Texas is a community property state, assets acquired during the marriage must be divided between both spouses. In some cases, this can become confusing or even contentious. Our attorneys can help protect your separate property and ensure your asset division is fair and equitable.
  • Alimony. Spousal maintenance or support is designed to provide temporary financial support to a spouse following a divorce. Our San Antonio lawyers are well-versed on state alimony requirements and can provide guidance, whether you expect to receive or pay spousal support.
  • Order modifications and enforcement. We understand that circumstances may change after a divorce; financial, employment, or otherwise. In cases where you may need to modify a child support, child custody, or other element of your divorce agreement, we can help. We also assist with order enforcement and violations.
  • Domestic violence and protective orders. Domestic abuse includes both physical and verbal abuse. If you or your children are in danger, our attorneys can help file for a restraining order. Domestic violence can greatly affect the outcome of a divorce and child custody agreement. We can help you secure protection.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. A marital agreement is a practical idea for any couple, as it allows them to protect their financial interests and separate property during the course of their marriage. You can sign a nuptial agreement before or after marriage, which many couples choose when one spouse has a major change of circumstances after the marriage.

The attorneys at Grable Grimshaw PLLC can also work with your family on estate planning and probate. Feel free to contact us for details on how we can help you.

How long will my family law case take?

Unfortunately, there is not set answer to this question as everyone’s case and circumstances are unique. Often, how long your case takes depends on the other party and the status of the local courts. However, following is a general outline of what you might expect when involved in any type of civil legal action, like a divorce or custody hearing.

First, you must file your lawsuit. In some cases, it won’t be necessary to serve the other party. However, in other cases, serving the other party via process server or otherwise can take four weeks or longer. Once they file a response, your case can begin. This is where you and your spouse meet with your attorneys and attempt to resolve your disputes, whether through mediation or other means.

If you fail to come to agreement, you will need to take your divorce before a judge. This part of the process can last weeks, months, or even years, depending on the details of your case.

San Antonio Family Law Attorneys

Why do I need a San Antonio family law attorney?

Although you’re not required to have an attorney during a divorce or family law matter, it does have its benefits. These types of cases can affect you both emotionally and financially, and having a lawyer on your side can help alleviate some of the stress. We stay aware of the complex and delicate matters around child custody, visitation, and support, and advocate for only the best interests of your child every step of the way.

Working with a local attorney also provides you with knowledge of current family law in your area of Texas. We’re familiar with local courts and judges, and can help you feel confident and secure in the courtroom when it’s time to resolve your case. That familiarity also extends to local opposing counsel, which means we’ve seen their strategies and methods before – and we’re ready for them. When you’re looking an advocate for your family, look to Grable Grimshaw PLLC.

San Antonio family law attorneys you can count on

When you turn to Grable Grimshaw PLLC for your family law matters, you can count on respect, compassion and clear direction. Our San Antonio family lawyers are here to advocate for the best interests of your family. Call 210-963-5297 or fill out our contact form today to meet with a member of our San Antonio legal team. We also serve clients throughout Texas.