Focus on What Matters in Child Custody

Child custody matters are often the most difficult facets of a divorce. When you’re trying to work out the details of this with your ex, it is imperative that you focus on what’s important. Allowing your attention to divert to other things can mean that you miss out on arrangements that are best for your children.

You have to keep the children’s needs as the priority. You can’t think about what’s easiest for you or what might make life more difficult for your ex. You might not get along with the child’s other parent, but you can’t let that prevent your kids from having a meaningful relationship with them.

It might be tempting to bring up various points about your ex to make them look bad during the process; however, this can work against you. Typically, the court is only going to care about things that put the children in danger. Past or present abuse of the kids is one of the few things that might make the court think that your ex isn’t a suitable parent. Remember, being a good parent doesn’t require them to be a good spouse.

As you’re working through the child custody matters, you will need to ensure that there are terms to govern various aspects of the arrangement. Be sure that you can live with the ones you propose and agree to. Sometimes, how these rules are construed can make the outcome of them much different than intended.

You should set the terms to meet the child’s needs now. It is possible to modify the order later as the child’s needs change.

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