Special Needs Can Make Child Custody a Challenge

For many parents, the most pressing matter that they have to figure out during child custody discussions is the schedule the children will follow. There are many other factors that have to be decided when you have a child who has special needs. 

One of the most pressing things that must be decided is which parent is going to assume the primary caregiving responsibility for the child. If the child has specialized medical equipment and similar needs, both parents will have to know how to provide the care the child needs so they can each handle the work and any problems during their parenting time. 

The medical care decision making power is another factor that’s important in these cases. Depending on the child’s needs, it might be best if one parent takes on the majority of these decisions. This should be the one who is most familiar with the child’s conditions and medical history. Of course, there should be a contingency plan in place for what happens if there is an emergency and that the primary decision-maker isn’t present. 

The financial support for the child is another priority that must be addressed. Having a child who has special needs can lead to costly expenses, so plans should be made now to determine how those will be handled. In some cases, the plans for financial support from the parents might have to extend beyond when the person turns 18 years old. 

It’s imperative to have everything covered in a parenting plan for the child but remember that the terms need to meet their needs now. Modifications as the child’s needs change are possible. It’s generally wisest to get some experienced assistance with a parenting plan as you move forward.

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